Corporate Training

Build team atmosphere and morale in your workplace by taking on our Strong Suit Package - circuit training, bootcamp and boxing for fitness corporate sessions.

Studies have proven that a company with an ongoing health and wellness initiative will help your employees in the workplace by;

  1. Increasing their effectiveness in the work place – studies have shown that a healthy employee is 3 times more effective than an unhealthy employee
  2. Reduced absenteeism due to health improvements
  3. Reduced work place injuries due to enhanced physical fitness
  4. Deal better with stressful situations, especially when meeting deadlines
  5. Employee loyalty to a company that cares about employee health & wellness 6. A sense of comradery and team morale in the work place

Training sessions can take place once, or multiple times a week between Monday-Saturday. They are led by John Mann and are based at your workplace or a local park. All equipment is provided.

Minimum 15 employees


The comradery, friendships and family we have made within the 8 weeks gives me a lot more motivation to turn up, knowing i'll be training with my workmates. I am a very busy mum, finding the time to workout is hard, having a trainer like John come to our workplace twice a week takes all the excuses out of not exercising. Thank you for pushing and encouraging us to keep going!

The Goshe Crew

Want to change your lifestyle? Want to be challenged? Want to strengthen and support your team? Want to work out alongside your collegues and lift team morale?  Then enquire about Corporate Sessions today!

To create a healthy and active workplace, or ask any questions about the programmes we offer, contact us here.